Platinum Ladyxara White Juice
Platinum Ladyxara White Juice
  • Volume : Minimum 400ml
  • Main Ingredients : Dates, Collagen, Mango Flavoring, RO Water, Natural Ingredients
  • Can be taken by : Women with postnatal miscarriage, often fatigue and gloomy face, have vaginal discharge problem, infertile womb, sexual problem, distended bellies after giving birth
  • To help on tighten up vagina as virgin.
  • To help on strengthen gripping when intercouse.
  • To cure postnatal injury.
  • To cure vaginal discharge and smoothen menstruation.
  • To increase energy and reliev menstruation pain.
  • To remove discharge in uterus and vagina.
  • To help increasing female sexual drive.
  • To help ease defecation.
  • To reduce muscle and body pain.
  • To help on detoxification process from cell iymphatic system.
  • To increase women's stamina and fitness.
  • Weight control.
  • To help on skin radiance.
  • Help on skin whitening and smoothen it.
  • Help on reducing wrinkles and ensure of skin elasticity and freshness.