Imperia Asia Resources takes great pride in our ability to attract, recruit, and develop world-class talent. Our annual internship program, comprised of rising juniors and seniors in college, exemplifies our commitment to premier talent acquisition, and it provides our own internal aspiring talent the opportunity to recruit students from across the globe and leverage their experience to benefit both personal and professional growth. With an extensive list of functional areas to chose from including merchandising, design, sales, finance, marketing and product management, the program is designed to help students find their niche.

The internship program is intended to be educational, inspirational, and purposeful. All interns are mentored by an employee who is associate level or above in order to ensure a quality level of learning for our interns and exposure to supervisory experience for our associates. At the end of the program interns should have a significant list of accomplishments to add to their resume and set them apart from other candidates in their field. Historically, our interns have benefitted from a program that is educational for both parties: for the interns to gain experience that makes them real-world ready, and for Imperia Asia Resources to gain relevant feedback on our program, our product, and our services.